The IBS Publishing is a part of the Institue of Sexual Research, which the aim is to realize the publishing tasks. According to the Statute the publishing acitivity of the Institute includes two main subjects: 1) publishing scientific literature , 2) publishing science popular literature.

Scientific publications

  • The quaterly "Seksualność" [Sexuality], nr 1/1 (in preparing ).
  • The electronic quaterly "Badania seksualne na świecie" [The sexual research in the world], Nr 1/1 (in preparing).

Popular science publications

  • The issued volumins:  Jerzy A. Kowalski, Homo eroticus, The IBS Publishing, Opole 2011.
  • In the schedule: Higiena życia intymnego, praca zbiorowa, [The intimate life hygiene], The IBS Publishing.


 Jerzy Adam Kowalski

 Homo eroticus


 [in Polish]

  pp. 304, 22 figures, bibliography


This is a book of popular science type, suitable for a wide range of readers interested in the issues of human sexuality. It presents in a living, essay-style the state of the world's scientific knowledge on how the human form of sexuality had been shaping, from our nearest evolutionary ancestors starting, through various forms of human beings until the modern man. The author utilizes the knowledge of paleoanthropology, archeology and history, social anthropology, psychology. Besides presenting the recent results of the research in an accessible form, the author examines critically some of the concepts, offering sometimes their own interpretations of the facts and unconventional look at some commonly held assertions.

More details: The website of a book by Jerzy A. Kowalski Homo eroticus [available in English, too]