The Institute of Sexual Research has got the legal status of a foundation form, i.e., is a non-government organisation.
It is registered in The National Judical Registry, and has received the status of a non-profit organisation. It means all incomes may be devoted only for the aims determined in the statute, and it apply for all its activity the principles of clarity and transparency of financial management.


In a framework of the foundation, the Institute of Sexual Research operates as a separate, autonomic scientific-research facility. Thus the foundation unit provides adminstrative, financial and accounting services for the Institute. Main tasks of the foundation is to provide resources and technical and organizational conditions for a best fulfillment of the Institute scientific mission. An authority of the foundation are the Board and the Supervisory Council.



The Board manages the foundation, represents it and is responsible for the implementation of its statutory objectives.

The current members of the Board are: Jerzy A. KOWALSKI (chairman), Roman HALEK (vice chairman), Marcin MAJEWSKI



The Supervisory Board exercises control and supervision over the Board and the entire foundation.

The Supervisory Board consists of: Prof. D.S., Stefan TARASIUK (chairman), M.A., Jarosław TIMOSZUK (secretary), M.A. Janusz ANDRZEJOWSKI.